How to Get Clear Skin by Just Leaving It Alone

How to get clear skin

Have you ever had an ache somewhere on your body, but then you forgot about it and it just went away? I am sure most of us have experienced this. However, when it comes to aches and pains we are comfortable leaving them alone. Acne though, is a whole different game. Acne is such that it brings out the worst in us. We see it every time we look into the mirror. All we want is to get it to go on its merry way as soon as possible. So what do we do? We go to war with the acne. We spend so much time fighting with our skin that eventually it starts to fight back.

Here are 3 things that if you stop doing your skin will start to heal and clear up.

Using To0 Many Products

The first instinct is to fight acne with ointments like benzoyl peroxide (BP) and those available in your local drugstore. If your acne heals with BP or anything else, great. If it does not respond, do not increase the amount of product thinking that will help. In my experience if the acne did not respond to less product, it is certainly not going to respond to more of it. What you will end up with is dry, red and irritated skin. And the acne will still be there!! If you are using a product for 6 weeks and see no improvement it’s time to stop. Ideally you should see an improvement in acne in 2-3 weeks. If it does not work stop using the product.

Do not get worried that if you do not use any product you will wake up with more acne. Give your skin a chance to do its thing and heal itself.

Touching Your Face

In addition to using too many products for acne we tend to touch our faces way too often. You feel the need to touch your acne to see if it’s healing or not. One after another we examine our whole faces. A few minutes later, the whole cycle gets repeated again. This tends to be a vicious cycle as this leads to more acne which then leads to more touching. In addition touching acne will infect them further and this leads to more acne forming around and even under acne. Touching acne also leads to scarring. So keep your hands off your face.

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Squeezing and Picking

Another bad habit, which in my opinion is way worse than just touching and using too many products is picking and squeezing your acne. Just saying it creeps me out now though I was guilty of doing it a long long time back. Guess what happened after that? A bad bad attack of cystic acne which needed cryotherapy and lead to indented scars. If you think your acne is bad now and pick it or squeeze it, trust me on this, bad things will follow. Resist the urge and let it go.

If you have tried everything else for your acne and see no result it’s time to leave your face alone and see if that makes an improvement. This means no products (those meant for acne), no touching and certainly no picking and squeezing. You can wash your face as normal. Plain water is often best if you are not using makeup or sunscreen. Ditching the face wash too will be even better. Leaving your face alone may be the best thing you do for it.

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10 thoughts on “How to Get Clear Skin by Just Leaving It Alone”

  1. I always wonder what would it be if I applied no product on my skin. I have been putting stuff on it since I was 16, but my face looks way worse than some of my friends’s face who never had a skincare regiment. Are we being duped by skincare companies to keep buying more products, but actually doing more damage to ourselves? And the thing about SPF. My mother never put an SPF in her life and she passed away at 74 with the most beautiful skin and no wrinkles. I, on the other hand , have been putting SPF and in my early 30’s started seeing wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. How to know the truth? Could it be that they are pushing SPF creams because it is a big business for them? We need to continuosly buy it if we want to be protected ( or so they market). What is your opinion?

    1. Hi Oly,
      You raise an excellent point. When it comes to skincare though, less is always best. When in doubt about something do not use it. Most often than not your skin does not need it. Most skins do not need serum plus moisturizer and face wash and everything else they try to sell you. I think your face will look much better if you stopped using anything on it.

      Skin care companies will of course try to sell you their products. That is their job! They will make it seem like you need what they are selling in order to get great skin. More often than not these products do not deliver. it is our job as consumers to look before we buy. If you do not see results after 6-8 weeks of use stop using them. You can experiment with natural treatments made with things in your kitchen.

      As for SPF I am not really sure. I feel SPF does help protect your skin from the sun a bit but it is not as essential as the skin care companies make it seem. Again I am not too sure about this. But dermatologists do recommend wearing sunscreen.

  2. Hi there so I have a question my checks are always red and burning and irritated should I stop using using any products on my face including moisturizer? And my skin always feels so hot

    1. Hi Malissa
      Yes, you could try that. Sometimes the products we use may not suit our skin. Just stop using everything (including moisturizer) for a couple of days and the redness and burning should stop. You can use an ice pack on your face for a couple of days as well.

  3. Hy dear, i have been having pimples for years now and it always leave spots behind and i have used so many product bt it will be gone for some days and come back with full force, i have been indoor for over 2 weeks. What should i do

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