8 Acne Spot Treatments That Don’t Make it Worse

Imagine this. You have a big important event coming up in the next 2-3 days. You’re all excited and have already picked out what you’re going to wear. You’ve been waiting for this for months. As the day approaches you get more and more excited.

The day before you wake up and look into the mirror. You want to scream………..

What do you see? A bright red monster of a pimple staring back to you.

You want to yell……….

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The Honey Cleansing Method

Whenever I mention the Oil Cleansing Method or OCM I get a little bit of a push back and fear from my readers. Which is totally understandable. When you have acne you are warned that putting oil on your face does more harm than good.

Also with oil you are never sure how it is going to react with your skin. So I generally suggest that anyone with mild to severe acne hold off until their acne is healed to try OCM.

So what do you use in the meantime? If you do not want to use OCM and using a normal face wash dries out your skin, what is your alternative? Enter the Honey Cleansing Method.

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