Acne care for women

Are you the only ONE you know who suffers from acne?

Or maybe you are at that point right now where you are considering Accutane even though you know it has horrifying side effects? Have you tried absolutely everything possible to clear your skin, but nothing has worked? Not only has it not worked but it has made the problem worse and left you with sensitive and itchy skin that burns.

Do you get jealous when you see people with clear skin? They don’t need makeup and eat whatever they fancy. You on the other hand are terrified that the next thing you eat will make your face erupt like a volcano. They get to walk out of the house without thinking twice. You get to spend 1/2 an hour trying to cover up your acne. You drive yourself crazy trying to find products and treatments that work for you. And then there are those treatments that work but the results never last. How long do you think you can continue like this?

Do any these statements sound like how you feel?
  • “I just want to be normal and have skin I don’t have to hide”
  • “Acne is the only thing in my way which prevents me from being truly happy and enjoying life”
  • “I’m in a dark place because of my acne”
  • “I can’t stand the sight of myself”
  • “I have zero confidence because of my acne”
  • “No derm tells me what’s wrong with me”
  • “Even makeup can’t cover my acne”
  • “I can’t remember the last time I liked a picture of myself”

I understand how you feel as I once felt I had absolutely no control over my acne. Acne had a life of its own and was destroying mine. The emotional pain of having acne as an adult had nearly broken me down and it was a struggle sometimes to just get up in the mornings. I wanted to scream and rip my skin off as I hated what I saw in the mirror.

What if I told you that it does not have to be this way? I know it’s hard for you to believe right now, but bear with me.

Take a look at this picture……..


Let me be honest though, this was not the worst of it. This was a weak moment when I let someone click my picture. Trust me, I was not letting a camera anywhere near me.

At the lowest point in my fight with this embarrassing skin problem, I made a decision to cure it on my own, having left it in the hands of doctors and clinics for 20 years. I got better results in 2 weeks than I had ever got during all the treatments I had actually paid a lot of money for. The picture below is taken just 2 months after the one above


I can and will help you get results like this.

I’ll show you how you can :
  • Get rid of your acne in little as 2 weeks
  • Reduce the redness on your face
  • Find out what exactly is causing your acne
  • Use ingredients from your kitchen to make your own skin care
  • Tweak your diet for better looking skin (no starving or extreme diets)
  • Make drinks to help clear your skin
  • Use basic spices and herbs in your diet to heal your acne
  • Treat your acne scars (even old ones) at home
  • Get back your confidence to live life as you want

Sounds simple doesn’t it? This is all you need to clear your acne. You don’t need expensive products or bank-emptying treatments to get clear skin…

And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

But hey, wait a minute… how do you know if what worked for me will work for you as well? If you’re reading this you probably have read loads of other sites that tell you of the amazing results you can get if you just follow what they did. But all you get is disappointment…..

I don’t give you one particular method or diet to follow. I help you understand how your body works as a whole and work with it to cure acne. Does that sound like a lot of work and complicated? More like a biology lesson? Well don’t get scared. I am a lazy person who believes in getting maximum results from minimum effort.

Let’s face it, what works for one person almost never works for someone else. What I have found is that there are various ways to clear your skin, not just one method. I am constantly discovering more and more about acne and I share these tips with those of you on my email list. I will even share with you links to other sites that I have found helpful, because the main aim of my site is that you clear your skin.

When it comes to getting clear and flawless skin you need all the help you can get. Because let’s admit it, when it comes to acne, life is not fair…….you lead a healthy life and get acne, while your friend who eats everything and anything has the clearest skin ever.

Here is what some of my readers have to say…

acneI’ve had stubborn acne for years and felt like I needed to hide my face. In search of help and tips I came across your website, and I’m so glad I did! I’ve done several of the things you suggested for me and my face has cleared up tremendously. I can’t wait to see what it looks like some time from now. Thank you!!” – DeAnna Russel


“I tried one of the steps you sent me and it worked. My face is now clear and I don’t have pimples on my face anymore. Thank you”Akieyrah Rutling


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