Why Oil Cleansing Method is Now Part of my Skin Care Routine

oil cleansing method

Oil Cleansing Method when you have acne goes against what everyone says as the typical skin care for acne. The general norm is that oil free is best when it comes to acne prone skin. I tried all possible face washes meant especially for my acne-prone and oily skin in my teens and 20’s. Nothing helped the acne. I wished it were that simple, just to wash the acne off.

I specifically bought moisturizers that said oil-free, but even the best of them left my skin looking oily a few hours later. This was all perfectly fine when I was in my 20’s. However, when my acne stayed with me well into my 30’s, I used to dread the thought of using any face wash however gentle the label said it was, on my now drying skin. It left my skin red, raw, tight and itchy.

While doing some research into acne, I came across something called OCM or Oil Cleansing Method. To explain a bit further, what it means is that you use oil to clean your face. Till this time oil on my face was something I feared. Oil is bad for acne. Use oil-free everything, scream most people.

I read a few people’s experiences with OCM and it had mixed reviews. Some said it caused them breakouts, some raved about it and some were not too sure. I had tried everything and had nothing to lose. So I took the plunge, armed with some almond oil and a face cloth. I gently massaged the oil into my face, then slowly wiped it off with the hot, wet face cloth. My face looked a little oily after but I decided to stick it out. I did this once a week and kept track to see if it caused any breakouts. Of course, I was doing other things for my acne as well.

Fast forward a year later, I not only use oil to clean my face but use it as a moisturizer too. Oil even removes my heavy make-up. The face washes were taken out of the bathroom as they were just using up space. After my shower I reach for the jojoba oil, take a couple of drops in my palm and gently apply it to my face.

My verdict : Oil is not the cause if you have acne in your 30’s. The oil that you see on your face when you complain about having oily skin is not oil from external sources. It is the oil that is secreted by the sebum or oil glands in your skin. The more you try to wash it away the more oil the glands will create.

OCM will not cause breakouts nor will it heal them on its own, but your face will be calmer and look better. Mine certainly does. Now this is not for everyone. If you are comfortable with your current cleansing method, do continue with it. However, if you want to give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised with the results. However, I strongly recommend that you do not try this out if you have very bad acne. Follow my tips to get your skin on a healing path first.

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