Guide to Using Oils in Your Skin Care

Oils have always got a bad rap when it comes to acne. Especially skin care for acne. If you have acne you are always advised to look for products that are oil free. Oil free moisturizers and oil free face washes have always been held in high esteem by acne sufferers. Since it is assumed that acne is caused by excess oil, oil has never been a big part of any skin care routine meant for acne prone skin.

In this post however I’m going to show you how you can use oils in your skin care even when you have acne.

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Daily Care for Acne Prone Skin

One of the most common questions I get is “How do I take care of my skin when I have acne?” If you’re reading this you may have landed here while googling to find the answer to the same question.

Taking care of your skin when you have acne is a little tricky. You want to find a way to take care of it without hurting it even further.

One of the key things to remember here is that when you have acne the best way to treat your skin is gently. You may be tempted to slather on the acne creams to try and get rid of the acne. While it may work you could be left with dry, sensitive skin. From personal experience I can tell you that dealing with dry, sensitive skin is not a picnic.

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