Do You Break Out At The Same Place? Here’s Why.

Have you ever wondered why it is that you break out at the same place?

Maybe it’s happened once or more than that.

Here’s the scenario. You get a big pimple on your chin. 2 weeks pass and it still seems to be hanging around your chin. Then one day you finally see that it is starting to heal. You’re thrilled. Until of course you see or maybe feel another one coming up pretty close to it. Or worse still just under it. I feel your pain. I really do. Trying to heal acne feels like taking one step forward and then you slide back down. 4-5 steps.

When you suffer from acne, this is very real and it is frustrating to say the least. This cycle may continue and you may get acne again and again in the same spot. Eventually you’ll be left with an indented scar at that place on your skin.

So why does this happen?
  • One of the main reasons you get acne under healing acne is that you probably have touched it, tried to pop it or picked at it.
  • The acne upon acne scene typically happens when you have cystic acne. These cysts are so deep within your skin that if you mess with them the infection goes deeper. What happens in this case is that the infection at the surface may heal. While it is healing the infection that is deep within your skin comes to the surface and you get more acne at the same place.
  • Once a pimple has been popped or picked or manipulated in some way, the walls of the pore that is infected or in the areas around it tend to get weaker. Once they are weaker the cells lining the pore do not shed well. When they do not shed well, they block the pores and the whole cycle starts again.
What can you do about it?

The main thing you can do is leave your face alone. No touching, popping, picking or squeezing your pimples. Hands off your face. Cysts that are manipulated or touched and felt countless times a day are more likely to occur again and again in the same place or near it.

Sometimes by accident it so happens that you may accidentally scratch a pimple or it gets rubbed on your towel and breaks. In this case best thing is to splash cold water on it and apply an ice cube wrapped in a clean tissue. Do not press it or touch it. Just dab it will the ice cube.

If the cyst is really bad and keeps happening again and again, you might consider going to a doctor to get a shot of cortisone to calm the inflammation. This can make the cyst smaller within a few hours. But do keep this as your last option.

In the meantime just keep your hands off your face.


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