Clear Skin Plan for You – Personalized Skin Care and Diet Plan to Clear Your Skin


Do you want to start your journey towards clear skin right now?

Are you tired of trying remedy after remedy with no result?

In the overwhelming world of acne cures are you stuck and confused trying to find the cure for you?

I am offering a personalized diet and skin care plan to get you what you want – Clear Skin! Get the confidence you need to walk out of the house without worrying about the state of your skin.

I navigated this path alone for many years trying to find what worked and what did not. Though it was a waste of time, a lot of frustration and a lot of wanting to tear off my skin, this gave me certain insights into what worked and what did not. Delay in finding out what worked has left me with some permanent scarring, which of course you do not want. Unlike a dermatologist who most likely do not suffer from acne and will never know how you feel about it, I have suffered from acne and will never dismiss it as just a skin issue. Acne is an emotional issue as much as a physical one.

What You Can Expect?
  1. An initial email where you’ll need to tell me your current diet and skin care. I will send you a questionnaire where I’ll ask you a series of questions to get an understanding of your diet (including dietary restrictions) and skin care. This will enable me to work with you to create a plan suitable to you.
  2. Based on your above answers I will create a personal plan for you, your needs and dietary restrictions. During this time I may email you for more information. This plan generally takes 4-5 days to create. I work a lot with food and have intensive knowledge about most cuisines. So no matter what diet you eat I can work with it.
  3. After I send the plan to you, we can have an email conversation in case of any doubts.
  4. You will get bi-weekly emails from me checking in to see your progress. You can email me anytime during the following 6 weeks with any questions you may have.

I normally charge $147 for this service but I am currently offering it at $47. I will only be taking on 10 people at a time. So please hurry up and book your spot.

To order this service and to see if we will be able to work together please email me at Due to the high volume of email that I receive please use the subject line ‘Clear Skin Plan’ so I can easily sort out your email.