7 Pieces of Advice You Can Safely Ignore When You have Acne

Don’t get me started on the advice I have got for my acne. From family members to random strangers on the street they all know what cures acne. Except of course dumb old me, who just loves having acne. Even one of my old neighbors told everyone who would listen to him to tell the girl with pimples to put toothpaste on them. Just unbelievable!!! It was as if my having acne magically gave people around me a medical degree.

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What it’s Like Living with Acne

Having had acne as long as I can remember, I know first hand the devastating experience it can have on your self esteem. Most people think nothing of leaving the house. They get dressed, slap on some makeup if they want and they are out of the door. For someone with acne it all depends on the state of their skin that day. Imagine your life being run by a skin infection that just won’t leave you, no matter what. It affects you on the outside as well as the inside. In my personal experience the only person to understand you if you have acne is someone else with acne. Only they know how devastating, depressing and isolating it can be.

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