Why Diet is the First Step to Clear Skin

For years I never knew that my acne could have anything to do with my diet. I had acne on my face but I did not feel sick or unhealthy. So I pretty much assumed it was just a skin problem, one that would heal when ointments or medicated creams were applied to it. However, none of these medicated creams and ointments could heal my acne and give me clear skin. Even if someone had told me at that time that diet and acne are connected, I would have had no idea where to start.

However do think about it, if you eat in excess you will gain weight. If you drink in excess you will have a hangover the next day. You will get a tummy upset if you eat food that has gone bad. People with allergies have reactions – ranging from mild to severe – when they eat or drink something they are allergic to. Yeah, I know that there will be people who will do any or all of these things are have nothing bad happen to them, but they are the exception. My point here is what we eat affects us directly or indirectly.

In the case of acne the reaction is not immediate and not direct. It may take years of bad eating habits to get acne. Since the effect is never immediate or direct, it may seem like diet has nothing to do with acne. In the case of a tummy upset you can be pretty sure and pinpoint exactly what it is you have eaten. This is never the case with acne.

Take for instance the islanders of Kitava island, which is off the coast of Papua New Guinea. Not one case of acne was found in the 1200 islanders above the age of 10 who were examined. Their diet is completely unprocessed and natural and consists largely of tubers, fish, fruit and coconut.

Acne is an inflammation. It is a sign that the inflammation levels in the body are high. In order to help you understand it better, look at inflammation as you would an empty glass. When we are born this glass is empty. As we grow older this glass fills little by little. As we eat processed foods this glass starts filling. Stress and our environment can add to this glass. Once the glass is full it is going to spill out and start causing problems. One of these problems is acne. Note that some people may not have acne but some other problem like eczema or maybe chronic colds or some other health issue. Excess inflammation, even if it does not cause acne, is never good for anyone and can manifest itself in a lot of ways.

Now we do not have any control over the environment we live in but we do have control over diet and stress. Eating a good, healthy and anti-inflammatory diet will help bring the inflammation down. But just as it took years to build up, it will take time to come down as well.

Sugar, dairy, processed and packaged foods, antibiotics are some of the things that increase inflammation. Fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs are foods that will help bring your inflammation levels down. Once your inflammation levels start going down your acne will start to clear. Dietary changes will be the biggest change you can make to start clearing up your skin. Done properly and consistently you will see a change within a short amount of time. In addition regular exercise also helps relax your body and bring down inflammation levels.

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Yoga for Glowing Skin – And How it can Help Acne

A few months ago on International Yoga Day I went for a free trial yoga class in my apartment complex. After realising how stiff my body was and in pain from using muscles I had never used before, I knew this was something I had to do. Talking to the yoga teacher after the class, I arranged to have regular classes with her.

The first month was really hard as I realised how out of shape I was. As it got easier I began to notice a difference in my skin. It was clearer, less red and the few breakouts that I did get healed faster. The real moment of joy for me was when a friend told me my face glowed. Anyone who has had acne will know the comments we get – mostly soul-crushing, esteem destroying ones. No one had ever complimented me on my skin. But there it was right there. A compliment about my skin.

So how can yoga help you get glowing skin and help heal acne?

Why yoga
  • Yoga can be done anywhere. Live in a place that has great weather and clean air? Practise it outside. Don’t feel like going out? Do it in the comfort of your home.
  • You do not need any equipment to practise yoga. No shoes, no special clothes. All you need is a yoga mat. You can even skip the mat and practise it on a sturdy carpet.
How it helps your skin


  • Inverted postures ( postures where your head is lower than your body – like the photo above ) like downward facing dog, forward bends and headstands increase the circulation to your face. This helps your acne heal faster.
  • Increased circulation to your face brings more blood to your face which will make your skin glow.
  • It helps with stress relief, which is one of the factors which may lead to acne. If you are stressed because of acne, yoga can help. Deep breathing where you focus mainly on how your breath moves through your body, brings about a deep sense of calm.


  • Twisting postures like the one above, help the digestive system work better. When the digestive system works well it means that more nutrients are absorbed into the blood. More nutrients mean the overall health of your skin and body are greatly improved.

Note that after a session of yoga your face may be red for a while and this is normal. This should go down after 20 – 30 minutes after your session.

What you can do

Now I do highly recommend that you take a yoga class. You can also ask a qualified teacher to teach you basic asanas and then do them on your own. If not watch a video of the basic Surya Namaskar routine of yoga and practise it regularly.

However if for some reason you cannot do this, here’s a little trick you can do to get the benefits of increased circulation. Lie on your bed or sofa and let your head hang over the edge. Stay like this for 2 to 5 minutes. Do this just before you sleep. The increased blood to your face will help your acne heal faster while you sleep. You can also stand and bend forward to get the same effects.

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