Acne care for women

Imagine getting up in the morning and not having to check your face in the mirror for acne because you know your face is clear. What would it feel like to get up in the morning, jump out of bed with a smile and get ready to face the world with clear and beautiful skin? What if you could get clear skin without having to spend crazy amounts of money on expensive skin care products?

Have you ever felt like just staying home for the day because your acne is really bad? The thought of going out fills you with dread and you wonder what you can do to avoid meeting people who you are sure will ask the dreaded question “What happened to your face?” I used to wish it would suddenly go dark and I could make my escape so no one could see my face with all the acne.

Take a look at this picture……..


However, let me be honest, this was not the worst of my acne. This was a weak moment when I let someone click my picture. Trust me I was not letting a camera click around me.

At my lowest point I made a decision to cure my acne on my own, having left it in the hands of others for 20 years. I got better results in 2 weeks. 2 weeks!!! Can you imagine that? This was more than I had during any of the treatments I had paid a lot of money for. The picture below is taken 2 months later from the above one….


I did not have a lot of money available to spend so I had to make do with ingredients I already had and were easily available. I figured out one thing, you do not need a lot of money or expensive products to clear your skin.

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

I also did things people had told me not to do when I had acne. Guess what, they actually helped my skin rather than harming it. I almost kicked myself for not doing this earlier.

My journey started with a dermatologist who looked at my face in disgust. This should never happen to you. Enter your email below to know more and also get a free e-book that gives you the 2 things that started my journey to clear skin.